Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Tears" - Another Bomb Blast

This is the third consecutive blogpost I have done and all three have had a mention of a suicide bomber or a blast. Enough is enough. This is getting ridiculous, with no claims of the atrocities by any terror group, no specific targets, this is just being done to induce a sense of terror in the general mases, innocent lives are being lost, we can only hope for a safer tomorrow, may God bless the departed and put some sense excuse my language into the impotent bastards targeting innocent civilians.

The heart consumes I clearly see
Every fiber of my soul and me
That’s when the pain begins to grow
And yes the tears begin to flow.


Petrea said...

You are not forgotten, DR. Despite what some may tell you, there are people here in the US whose hearts break every time we hear this news. (Every day, it seems.)

There must be some way for us to share with each other the ways of peace. I begin to hope the internet is a tool for that sharing.

kaya said...

Its tragic, it all is.