Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend on the farm and More blasts

This weekend I figured getting away from the city might be a good idea, It turned out to be quite a lot of fun and some relaxation, came back last night and went to sleep late. This morning i woke up to the news of three suicide blasts in Lahore, 2 bombers struck the office of the FIA and 1 a school in a residential neighborhood of Lahore, over 25 dead and hundreds injured. Now I'm thinking maybe living in Pakistan is not that good an idea, but afterall people are living here and if everyone "runs" away how will things change, I came here fo a reason, I have a worst case senario backup, so what the heck, have faith in God and keep at it. Some pictures from the farm and Sialkot are posted below.

Update: There were apparently 3 explosions in the FIA building, the dead include several innocent children.

Update: The suicide attack in the residential area of model town was not at a school but rather at an advertising agency.

A Field of Mustard on the Farm
Endless fields of wheat
Standing in the Guava Orchid
Wild flowers
Holy Trinity Cathedral Sialkot


Anonymous said...

I love your photos - they made me miss home.

As for the bombings, it's hard to even know what to say as the violence increases and shreds the Pakistan I knew...But I have hope that people like you, my siblings and others who choose to stay even when they can leave will help bring change, insha-Allah.

Destitute Rebel said...

Thanks Baraka, I glad you like the pictures, I intend posting more pictures and writing less in the future.

Yes things are in a bad state right now, some say the worst in the existance of Pakistan, but I hope it will pass and give way to a better tomorrow particularlyy for Pakistan and the world at large.

Radha said...

Those pics are beautiful !

sidrah said...

tragic times for us all.. its odd to see the country being brutalised this way..

Destitute Rebel said...

@ Radha, Thanks.

@ Sidrah, definately tragic times, but we can only go up from here, it can't get much worse, I hope.

Boo! said...

the pictures are so serene... quite in conctrast with the rest of the post actually....

I do admire your courage bro. I've been making half-ass attempts at returning myself, but to no avail so far. I agree with your point of 'if everyone runs away, who'll fix things'... but it is difficult to not run... and even more difficult to fix things even if you're there (trust me... i have tried) :)

the real unfotunate thing is that the intent of whoever's blowing themselves up is becoming more and more vague... the targets more and more general. The way I look at it, the bombings are no longer to reach a political/religious end... they are to spread terror in the society, pure and simple.

The people who are used to brainwashing the innocent and uneducated among the masses to blow themselves up have run out of targets. US and Europe are too damn hard with all the security and intelligence... so they have excess supply now they need to get rid of... might as well kill people in Pakistan where the security is poor!

Destitute Rebel said...

@ Boo! One needs the serenity these days thats why the farm and the pictures.

Me staying on in Pakistan was actually a twist of fate, I had come here for my sisters wedding and got stuck for a while, then I decided I wanted to stay more then to go back, I agree with you that its difficult to fix things even if you'r here, but you know my long term intentions and i'm sure gonna try just like you did.

These twisted suicide bombers and whoever is brainwashing them sure have no objective but to instill terror in the masses, I was out last night and the streets were empty at 10 PM, the cantonement area was being guarded like a fort, but that still wont do anything against suicide bombers, schools have been shut down on the rumors that there are 6 more suicide bombers in the city, lets hope for the best.