Saturday, March 22, 2008

Politics or Family Business ?

Although Pakistan can still be considered a young country, and people can and do claim that we need some time to adopt a true democratic system which will take everything into account and be perfect for the betternment of the country, Pakistan has yet to take a single step on the highway of democracy.

In its short 60 year history, Pakistan has been ruled by either the strong military or one of the few ruling families who control Pakistan's few political parties. How can these political parties claim that they are the beacons of democracy when the parties themselves have no democatic principles guiding them. Out of Pakistan's 3 biggest political parties, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Muslim League and MQM, 2 (PPP, PML) are directly controlled by 2 families with no room for anyone else to take the helms and the 3rd MQM is in the firm grip of Altaf Hussain who sits in exile in the UK and yet can get his popular party leaders in Pakistan to follow his every command.

Pakistan People's Part is in the lime light these days since the assasination of Benazir Bhutto, the "Life Time Chairperson" of what she claimed to be the biggest democratic force of the country. On her death the helms of the party that she inhetreted from her father did not go to one of the loyal party leaders who guided the part while Benazir and her familyy were in self imposed exile in the UAE. The leadership of the Party was "willed" to her 18 year old son. What kind of a democracy is this? In a swift and well planned political move her son was "renamed" Bhutto and made the co-chairperson of the Party to take command after his education was completed, in the mean time her husband Asif Ali Zardari also known as Mr 10% (on account of his taking hugs kickbacks while his wife was the Prime Minister) was to be at the helm of affairs. These types of politics will never lead to a democratic country. There is a power struggle going on within the PPP which can turn bad and derail the whole political senario in the country and no matter how much Mr Zardari uses the sympathy card if he continues with his stupidities he will ultimately suffer. There was a news item in Pakistan today that Bilawal "Bhutto" Zardari the son of Benazir has just arrived in Pakistan to announce the choice of PM in the new Government, lets hope its a wise choice and doesn't lead to disintegration of the democratic process. Family run politics have to give way to a true and realistic democracy within parties before democracy can be established on a wider scale.


Razz said...

True, its a goddamn charade in the name of Democracy. The whole establishment, opposition is a bloody joke. Tyrants, opppresors, dictators ... our society is evidently ruled by these. Law, too, is now being used politically and the poor masses have to bear the brunt of all this, when all they care about is their daily wage - nothing more.

Destitute Rebel said...

Thanks for stopping by razz, totally agree with you it is a goddamn charade, I'm waiting for the 18 year old chairman to make the PM announcement tonight.

Cling & Clatter said...

sad but true, an election bringing back all those who have ruled before and failed to deliver is no omen of democratic rule. of course the musical chair like turn taking at the parliament by the same handful of people is not the way to a representative government