Friday, March 28, 2008

Geert Wilders "Fitna" Released Online

Dutch politician Geert Wilders' anti-Muslim short film "Fitna" has been placed online amid an uproar from muslims all over the world, The video shows passages from Quran and graphic images of terror attacks. The video was supposed to be releaed in a press conference which was cancelled due to security fears. It is now hosted on in both english and dutch (youtube had only dutch but loads faster) . The Dutch government is having meetings to discuss the impact of the film and surely there will be an impact once more people around the world find out about the release.

Link to Video I have provided a link for educational purposes, unreasonable comments will be deleted.


kaya said...
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ichandrae said...

you have a very attractive blog.

I have chosen not to view this film because of the disturbing violence but I would like to comment on this kind of film. It does not matter to me whether or not you delete my comment-I am speaking my views and you are asking for views.

I live in Canada in the western world and our news and tv. broadcasts are all filtered through western propaganda. I am not anti any race.

Terrorism is a horrific but then so is the Gaza strip and the Lebannon war and american occupation of Iraq and these issues initiated terrorism.

Muslim in my large Canadian city is a beautiful world religion practiced in peace here and by others in the world. There are millions of practicing Muslims who are not violent.

Only a very small segment of Muslims are extreme violent people that would kill if someone did not practice their faith. They are living in the dark ages. It wasn't that long ago that christianity did the same thing.

Now to use this film and desecrate the Quran by coupling this with terrorist activity is spreading hatred against Islam and the arab race.

peace be with you my friend as us catholics proclaim during mass.

love and light

Destitute Rebel said...

Petrea, Thanks for your comments, I did see the film and to say the lest it was absurd.

Kaya, Thanks for letting me know.

ichandrare, Welcome to the blog and your wonderful message of peace.

kaya said...

D Reb you are welcome. You will always have a special place in my life.

sista said... you see yourself as only a camera? As a thinking person, one would expect some kind a comment, some kind of a stance or standing on issues.

Surely hatred and vileness for its own sake is to be reviled but having strongly held opinions is in and of itself is not to be discouraged. How long are we going to pussy-foot and be politically correct over so called "sensitive" issues?

One must have the willingness to express and debate their stance because this issue of "Islam bound personal and civic code of conduct" vs "Western morality and citizenship" is coming to a head already.

I am a muslim who even as she seems to always fall short of declaring herself an atheist, is increasingly finding it hard to reconcile my intellect and conscience with Islamic Dogmas.

If reform seeking muslims can find support in the Quran, so can the other side hell bent upon islamic fascism and truism - and I for one, think they actually find way more support and we "liberals' "not literalists" "seeking progressive interpretations" kind of muslims are essentially, at-the-crux-of-it-all-ly, in the end-ingly, engaging in wishful thinking at best and self deception at worst. Our peaceful motives and faithful allegiance is not at question here but our intellectual honesty is.

Destitute Rebel said...

Hey Sista,welcome to the blog, aren't you judging someone just based on you reading one post, did you even bother reading anything else on this blog. You are right as a thinking person one expects some kind of comment on an issue, Fitna to me was a non issue, it was absurd, without meaning and didn't even validate a stance, next you'll ask why the post and the link, well just because some people might be interested to see what the hype was about, and I thought it prudent to make a link available for others to make their own judgments.