Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tribute to Dr. Afia

Guest Post by Mr. Hassan Abbas.

A note from Hassan: I ask readers of this poem to please join the cause to get her release by signing (this petition)and doing anything else to protest this monstrosity- if you so wish. May I request you to please give this appeal the widest circulation. We may yet save the U.S. forces in Afghanistan from disgracing themselves and the American people even further .

A Glorious Dawn…And A Better Day

To Dr.Afia Siddiqui - prisoner # 650 in American custody

Another dawn …another day,
Disgrace; insult is thrown our way;
Yet shamelessly on their golden perch
The spineless look - Oh how they sway!

As if there is no Lord above,
They with the devil-hand in glove;
Selling our dearest values and souls,
For gold and power – push and shove!

This crime you saw they so denied,
To filthy scum they sold the bride;
Yet the mighty Creator seeing it all
Unveils the gruesome act they hide!

Amongst ravenous wolves the fair one lies,
As from brutish hands she helplessly flies;
A suffering sister sane no more,
Her anguished screams - they rent the skies.

And this is all the pride you boast,
Our tormentors you daily host !
Comrades but yesterday we shared the cup,
- And today so far apart we coast ?

When comes a ‘Qasim’ to stem this rot?
Of Almighty Allah and His Messenger forgot!
Of cheaply selling our heritage which -
With submission and sacrifice was dearly bought.

And yet the strong will go their way,
As an ‘Iftikhar’ keep the monsters at bay;
Afia! Our elders pray, while our braver fight ,
For a glorious dawn…….. and a better day!


sidrah said...

what a tragedy, what a preposterous grave injustice. how long will the injustice continue?

sidrah said...

i believe you forgot to link the petition, d.r.

Destitute Rebel said...

Sidrah injustice will continue as long as this Nation sleeps, I did link to the petition but something is wrong with my link color, i'v put it in brackets, thanks for pointing it out.

Shalom said...

Hey, you've been tagged :)

Kathrin said...

Thank you for your comments! I look forward to getting to know you and reading your blow!