Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Whispered Prayer of the Thankful

My God,
the uninterrupted flow of Thy graciousness
hast distracted me from thanking Thee!
The flood of Thy bounty has rendered me incapable
of counting Thy praises!
The succession of Thy kind acts has diverted me
from mentioning Thee in laudation!
The continuous rush of Thy benefits has thwarted me
from spreading the news of Thy gentle favours!
This is the station of him who
confesses to the lavishness of favours,
meets them with shortcomings,
and witnesses to his own disregard and negligence.
Thou art the Clement, the Compassionate,
the Good, the Generous,
who does not disappoint those who aim for Him,
nor cast out from His courtyard those who expect from Him!
In Thy yard are put down the saddlebags of the hopeful
and in Thy plain stand the hopes of the help-seekers!
So meet not our hopes by disappointing and disheartening
and clothe us not in the shirt of despair and despondency!

*Part 1 of "The Whispered Prayer of the Thankful"- The Psalms of Islam


sidrah said...

shirt of depair and despondency - how lucid :D

(you've been tagged on my blog)

Boo! said...

That is just sooo beautiful in soo many ways. True too!