Friday, September 15, 2006

Hudood Ordinance: Pleasing the mullahs or Scaring the west.

Once again a government that claims to be progressive and enlightened has bowed to pressure from the mullah and backed out of making ammendments to a controvercial hudood law that is blatantly biased against women, or have they ? I will not go into the details of the Law which most of my readers will know, this law was enacted by Gen. Zia and I feel it was enacted to split his opponents and consolidate his power, some clauses in the law have nothing to do with religion but the Mullahs claim that the law is the word of God and it should not be messed with.

it is being said that the Government bowed yesterday to demands from MMA the alliance of the Mullahs and tabled the ammendments - Indefinately. I do not feel that is the reason the government back out of the ammendemet. My theory is that General Musharraf wants to stay in control as long as he can and for that he needs the support of the great powers. This ammendment got a lot of exposure in western media and everyone was looking forward to it being ammended. But by not passing the law the government has tried to prove to the powers that be that the mullahs are strong in Pakistan with a wide backing, which is not true. I feel the government wants to show that the Mullahs are strong and thus only a milittary government can keep them on a tight leash. For Musharraf to stay as the ruler of the country he has to use whatever tricks he has up his sleeve to keep the west on his site, and gain their sympathy. This action of the governemnt does that for him.


ASAD said...

The problem is with the opposition.
PPP wants to get rid of musharraf and sides with the mullahs but the subbort the Ammendments. MQM supports the government but does not do so openly and forcefully in the parliment or the NA. If PML-Q, PPP, MQM unite on these amendments, the bill can be easily passed in the Parliment as well as in the NA

Syed Sibgatullah said...

The scenario is such that the current opposition is one that can be the envy of any ruling party anywhere in the world. It's a bunch of empty drums that only beat loud and loud.

This goes specially to the MMA, better known as the Mullah Military Alliance. Musharraf should really be happy with the situation. No wonder both the Prime Minister and the President have been out of the country recently, simultaneously. They're reasonably sure that nothing's going to go wrong!!

clayfuture said...

The mullahs should all be shot. Religion and politics should not mix.