Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rebuilding the country

Pakistan has suffered a lot due to the earthquake and although the task of rebuilding has started it is rather slow due to many reasons, some of which are financial constraints, technical constraints etc. We as a Nation have to stand up together and do what we can to support our fellow brethern. The worst hit areas of the country are the poor regions of Kashmir which already suffer a lot due to the indian pakistani conflict. the people of the region are poor and helpless in the face of this new dilema. The have lost their loved ones, their houses, and all their belongings some of them have lost everything. In times like these some of us can pray, some of us can donate to the cause financially and some can physically get nvoled in the relief efforts. I'v seen that in the face of crisis we get great idea to help but sometimes we just can't implement the ideas. Everyone wants to help in someway. It has been nice to see the blogging community getting together and trying to help in whatever way they can. Inshallah we will come out of this crisis the best way we can, May God help Us all.