Friday, October 14, 2005

Broadband Phone

Being a Pakistani who's been living overseas for a long time I have often wondered why our country has been so behind in the broadband phone department. Pakistan's phone services are quite expensive compared to other regions and one would think that Broadband phone would be used a lot in this country. But due to many reasons some being a weak infrastructure and limitations placed by PTCL pakistan's telecomunications company broadband phone hasnt picked up much hipe in the country. Using broadband phones from other countries to dial pakistan is also no good as the rates to call pakistan are some of the most expensive. For example if i call America using a broadband phone it costs me 2 cents while using the same broadband phone to call pakistan costs me 24 cents a min why is that i wonder. lets hope pakistan improves its infrastructure and ceases to put limitations on the use of VoIP and broadband phones so we can communicate with others who are around the world taking advantage of this cheap technology of broadband phone.


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