Sunday, October 09, 2005

Earthquake Causes Devastation

Today was a sad day for a lot of people in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. There was a terrible earth quake that rocked major parts of Pakistan and India and caused damages in Afghanistan as well. Tragedies like these do not effect us personally unless they hit close to home, in my case today although I did not get effected directly but felt sad as I saw the horrifying images of destruction on television, I myself am not in pakistan so I didnt feel the physical tremors but the images that I saw caused tremors of their own. On top of that two of my employees are from the most severely effected areas Rawlakot and Bagh in Azad Kashmir, the one from Rawlakot is on vacation so I have no news of him I hope and pray that all is well, tried to call but the lines are off, went to see his brother but he left for Pakistan as he could not get in touch with anyone and couldn't sit idly around waiting for news. The other poor chap who is quite old has his family in Bagh, he has heard no news of them since morning and was pretty shaken all day. I have been trying to get in touch with people in his area so that he knows whats going on but to no avail. Hopefully as they say no news is good news, and inshallah all will be well. We feel the pain when it hits close to home, I felt the pain today as i saw people close to me scared and shaken not knowing what to do. I felt their pain as I associated with them, if i did not have attachments with any affectees i might not have been effected the way i am now. I hope and pray that all is well and I hope that God gives sabr to the people who have lost loved ones.


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