Saturday, October 15, 2005

Domains yahoo

Today i wanted to reserve a couple of domains for future needs, I'm new to this so didnt know where to go and what to look for I'v heard domains yahoo is a good site to book domains, but i browsed and found that yahoo domains are sort of sub domains in the yahoo directory, not sure how that works. Yahoo has been good in other things but domains i dont really know if its their market. I didnt know what i should look for when reserving a domain, its so confusing on some sites, hosting emails all these requirements are a hassle, well i figured it would be easy on yahoo but dont think its easy on domains yahoo as well, so for the time being just reserved a domain through will see what i need to add to that maybe will try domains yahoo in the future as well. I'm messed up this weekend so am blogging gibrish excuse the ramblings.

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Omni said...

Domains are more trouble than they're worth, most of the time; I hope you found a good one!!