Monday, February 18, 2008

Pakistan Election in Pictures

A young couple happily pose for a post-voting picture, proudly showing their inked thumbs as proof of their vote.

Party wokers assisting thier voters in finding their names on the voter lists.

A deserted polling station at 1:00 pm.

Various politicals patries had their booths setup in front of a shrine near a polling station.

Clogged traffic leading to a poling station around noon.

Party booth for a National Assembly Candidate next to a polling station.

Another party booth near a polling station.


kaya said...
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kaya said...

Inked thumbs and JHANDDA waving every 14th august is all the patriotism we seem to be capable off.
In the 4 walls of our homes, we wont dispose of garbage decently, and then we blame the municipality.
Leave it yaar. Pakistan is a joke thats just not

Destitute Rebel said...

Very true, but it still concerns those few who do dispose off their garbage decently to see what is happening, also there are people who wok hard and try their best to make things better, hope afterall is something that keeps everyone going.

kaya said...

* funny (incomplete from previous comment).

Beharrhaal, yeh to mulk ka haal hi baata raha hai, kay kitnay logon ko watan ki qaddar hai.

Destitute Rebel said...

I understood without the completion :-) true mulk ka haal to yehi bata raha hai, but small differences make it big in the long run.