Monday, February 25, 2008

Pakistan Heritage 1 - Hiran Minar

Pakistan and Pakistanis are not very good at remembering or respecting our heritage, even though we have a rich and vibrant history with monuments and architecture from the Mughal and British era which could very well generate millions for the coffers of this country, the Government has done nothing to maintain or present these amazing chapters from our history to the world at large, and the general public has had no shame in engraving their worthless names over piceless frescos. Hiran Minar complex is one such wonder.

The origional Minar (tower) was built by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir in 1606 in memory of his favourite deer "Mansraj", the grave of the deer is in the tower. The water tank, baadari(pavilion) and causeway connecting the baradari with the mainland and hiran minar were constructed by Emperor Shah Jehan in 1620 and used as a roal residence during hunting trips. The complex is supposed to have been surrounded by a forest and had extensive well maintained gardens, currently the whole complex is in bad shape, the lawns and gardens are badly in need of maintanace so are the buildings which need protection from the people who pride themselves in writing their names over ancient frescos. If something like this was located in a country that honored and respected their heriatage, it would be a place worth seeing, it would be the site for events and functions, and people would flock to it to see the architechture, the paintings and the gardens through which Emperors once walked.

The only painting found intact probably because it was too high to deface.

ps. These pictues and obsevations are from a weekend trip to Hiran Minar a popular heriatge site open to public, I hope to post pictures of another building and its grounds from the british era which still has its glory because it is the residence of a government official, unfortunately that is not open for the public's enjoyment.


Radha said...

Lovely pictures! Even I don't get what thrill people get out of writing their names on the walls of ancient & historical structures!

Just watched the bollywood movie "Jodha Akbar" :) Although I didn't think too much of the movie, it did pique my interest in Mughal culture. And then I see this post! Keep it coming.

Destitute Rebel said...

thanks radha, the place was quite interesting and a lot of us had gone so it fun otherwise too played cricket and stuff. And yes the place did start some discussion on Jodha Akbar which I havent seen yet.

kaya said...

Bohat hi khoob miah.

kaya said...

very good to see you blogging again.

Destitute Rebel said...

Thanks Kaya i'v been extremely busy and had some free time on my hands so figured might as well see some of pakistan and post about it, expect to be crazy busy again soon, lets hope i can find time to blog.

Masud said...

I once went there about 8 years ago and was fascinated. It was in probably slightly better condition then, but to my surprise, not many people were and are actually aware of the Hiran Minar. I wonder when Pakistani government would act to preserve such priceless heritage. I feel sad and helpless but at the same time, blogs like these give me hope that I am not alone. Best wishes.