Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I often wonder why God gave people the power to dream. Why should you see a path in your dreams that you might never find? Why should you keep returning in your dreams to your forge, and then wake up lying on the sand near the sea?

Henning Mankell
Chronicler of the Wind.


Lirun said...

i remember one of my philosophy lecturers at university loving dream theories and raising such questions..

personally i take dreams for the magic they are.. a chance to explore.. consider.. feel.. think.. wish.. fear and all without risk.. a tonic of the soul and mind and a rest to the body..

love it

The friendly lion said...

a little depressing nahin??
i think dreams form the basis of aims and goals in life, the only difference is that dreams are further away!
if we stop dreaming we let go of that capacity to want more of out of life and i suppose thts when living becomes a burden as compared to a challenge.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

He is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeedish!

Beautiful prose. The power and pain of dreams.

Destitute Rebel said...

@lirun, lots of things remind me of university, wasnt it an amazing time, no worries no nothing, just fun. Dreams can be a tonic, a narcotic and sometimes maybe even posion.

@TFL I was just reading the book and liked what the passage said, it seemed so true. Dreams are not just further away they are somtimes impossible but as the song goes "Khwab adhoorey sahi, Khwab saharey to hain".

@ Shaira. Swedish? I thought he was Nordic, lol. you Swedes lay a claim on everything thats good, don't you. Definitely beautiful prose. Dreams can be so many things they can guide you to great things on the other hand they can destroy you in the sense that they may vanish suddenly and take everything that you had "dreamed" of with them. Guess you call them nightmares when they do that.