Sunday, November 12, 2006


We muslims shout about creating awareness in the western world about our religion, we first need to create awareness among ourselves. Most of the Muslim Ummah I'm sorry to say falls under the category that needs awareness, most of us do not know what the true religious teachings are and take advantage of rules that were meant for other reasons. We twist and turn the religious teachings to suit our needs. Even the educated among us fall under the "educated jahil" category, talking and preaching bullshit. They make their own rules when they want and change them when they want to.

The way most women are treated in the muslim world is a shame, the level of education of the muslim world is a shame, the amount of violence preached in mosques and madrassas around the muslim world is a shame, and here we are trying to create awareness in the world, trying to tell the world that we are moderate people, who treaure peace and harmony, who take care of the old and the young and who give women the place they deserve and should have in society, I havent seen any of these things happening around the world and I do not see them happening anytime in the near future. We are in complete darkness and untill we accept this fact nothing can change the situation.

Yesterday I read a post about polygamy on Arab Lady's Blog and it stirred some emotion. Muslim men mostly in the arab world and several other places will take on up to four wives because The Book says you can, Well The Book says a lot of other things too especially about equality among wives, how to treat them and a lot of other things. I know this idiot arab, must be at least 55 he got married a second time 2 years ago to a younger woman because he wanted some, really that was the only reason, the ass holes second wife developed a cancer of the ovaries and what does he do, he says "I have needs, that I have to fullfill, I go places see women, what can I do" the bastard divored his second wife and literally "bought" a third from Syria this Eid, this guy is educated and all. Is that what our religion teaches us. How can anyone justify these types of actions. What I don't uderstand is why are most muslim women still tolerating this shit. I personally know a woman who is encouraging her husband to marry another woman, probably because he is having an affair with her. What would drive a woman to do that to herself ? Muslim guys will go out and do whatever they want, they will cheat behind their wives, look shamelessly at other women infront of their wives and they are still tolerated, while if a woman does the same all hell breaks lose why? Men will have a past that could fill pages and no one is bothered, and those same men will have the nerve to bring up some minute affair that the woman might have had. Its ok for men to have had affairs and sleep with hundreds of women before they get married, but those same men want a woman with a clean slate. Don't you think the real awareness needs to be created inhouse before preaching others?

Update: Today I saw a news story on related to this post check out "Matchmaking for Egypt's teen brides" on main page.


Adnan Siddiqi said...

Don't you think it's also shame to make a general statment about masses or certain communities after picking one or two incidents? Preaching should start from home first.

Destitute Rebel said...

Hi adnan thanks for your feedback, I knew this post would get your attention, if you notice around its not one or two incidents its a whole boat load of incidents, and everywhere you look its the same, As I said as long as we keep denying that there is a problem, the problem can never be fixed. Preaching should start from home thats exactly what I'm saying, I look at myself, I look around me and It all sickens me.

Adnan Siddiqi said...

I don't disagree with you. I am just against making general statments. Sometimes I also do that but that is another fact that I curse myself as well.

I knew this post would get your attention

ah..others getting to know me more better than myself =)

Anonymous said...

more or less true

mAn[S]o0r said...

it sucks...

it sucks BIG TIME :@

Destitute Rebel said...

Adnan, General statements about ones self and ones community, finding faults in oneself and ones community is a way of mending the situation thats what I feel and thats why I write or say what i truly fee. and about others getting to know you better then yourself, thats not true we all have our things that we feel about and you are just too predictable about these types of topics

Destitute Rebel said...

Karachi Dude and Mansoor, yes and thats the sad part.

Anonymous said...

the thing is very few people realize this, they know it exists and is a regular happening but choose to turn a deaf ear. i dont know abt the arab world but in our own society this is somewht a norm. a boy is allowed to have a girlfriend and not only is this accepted by his family but also by the society at large, a common answer to this question is "they are boys they will sow their wild oats" but the same guys sister will be put under an abaya and not even be allowed to go out. dont these people see the guys girlfriend is afterall someone's daughter and sister!!
i diagree with Adnan, your statement is most certainly not a general one but one which touches a very raw nerve with me, not because of any personal experience, i have been blessed with the best parents, alhamdulliah, but because i saw it happen to my own friends.
i suppose the comment is as big as a post now so ill stop here, but im so happy finally a guy finds these practises wrong.

Destitute Rebel said...

@ The Friendly Lion, I'm sure a lot of guys find these practices wrong, its just a time comes when you have seen enough and can't keep it inside you anymore. These practices are ignored by our society, men are given a free hand and women are shackeled even more. Yes things are changing, but not at the pace they should. One reason I feel that is the case because most women just sit there and take it, they take abuse from their husbands, from their brothers and from their fathers. Its about time women start to stand up for what they want and deserve, In this society of ours they will surely have to fight for their rights because most men do not think women have those rights.

kaya said...

Dreb you know the best thing about this post. that it was written by YOU.
and then You again as a male.
Its a very sensitive issue, and even more so a painful one. But when the whole world consorts to do something, then somehow it happens once too often.
I do not agree with adnan. It is not a general ststement, and it is very prevalent in our society.
Some use, no children, only female children or some other feeble excuse to justify their lust.
Because its allowed. Its legal. Its islamic.
Its just pandering to the male libido. More often than not the reason is basic and simple. Its an upgrade to a newer model.
Women will put up with no end of shit from her husband, because most of us are not financially empowered.
We have children, whom we need to support. And really, we have learned the most valuable lesson of life.
Most men are this way, and its better to have a roof over ones head, food in ones belly, and clothes on ones back, than to face the wolves alone.
Its all very well to talk about WOMENS LIB and burn a few undergarments. But its a Man's world. East or West.

Adnan Siddiqi said...

the amount of violence preached in mosques and madrassas around the muslim world is a shame

I actually called this piece of statment as a general statment otherwise I don't disagree with him anyway. Neither I should be taken some anti-Women rights guy. If DR have read few posts of mine then he would agree that I do preach about respecting women.

The things mentioned by DR about women exist in other societies and religions as well.

Destitute Rebel said...

@ Adnan, I was just talking about Islam and not other religions, looking our own religion. What other organized religion practices Polygamy. I know some of the things I have written are practiced in other cultures, but thats not under discussion in this post.

Secondly I stand behind the statement you have specifically mentioned, Every time I have stepped into a mosque I have heard some sort of lesson of hatred its a common muslim trait, and its universal. Being a Muslim I do not feel comfortable in a mosque while I could peacefully enjoy a Church Service. Thats what's sad.

Anonymous said...

the molvis today abrogate religion everyday .. sad !!

Adnan Siddiqi said...

@DR: first of all tell me why do you always get into same masjid again and again where Imam preachers crap? Islam permits you to go in Masjid of your choice. At one side you are going in the same masjid but on the other hand you are complaining too. I don't get it. You re in UAE so I guess you would have access to other masjids in your areas too? Now I wouldn't believe that every masjid you visited in UAE or in Pakistan was preaching violence or haterd. Any person who is frequent to a masjid or even Jumma prayers wouldn't agree with you. You might like to elaborate it.

-How many church services have you attended in real life?


Destitute Rebel said...

Hi Adnan, I'v been to a lot of mosques, dont really stick to one, by preaching hatred and vilonce I mean there is always some mention of conflict wether its is death to the jews or kill the americans, or it is shia sunni or something of that sort, always, molvis have become more and more political activists then spiritual leaders, I didnt say every masjid, I said most mosques, and thats true.

I have been to numerous church services and they have always been very good experiences.

I have also taken non muslims to mosques but everytime the imam has said or done something ridiculously stupid that has degraded the image of islam infront of people who have genuinely been interested in the religion.

Adnan Siddiqi said...

@DR: since the scale of judgement is personal experience so I can clearly refute you that I never came across such masjids yet in my life[29 years+visited several mosques in karachi] which preach haterd and talk about killing jews. Yes they do talk that jews and christians were misguided so Quran does and it's not extreemism and haterd.

YES I know there are masjids by few extreeemist sunni sects like SUNNI TEHRIK and Sipah sahba who talks aboit kill shia and get ticket of jannat but I know the location of such mosques so I am safe unlike you:)

Regarding church services, I didn't attend any cermony but I certainly don't claim that Christiains don't say Islam and Judaism false religionns[ I myself is in IT field and got few christian friends in other part of the world and they do think christianity is best ,rest sucks] so things are not different. Allah knows which religion is better so i am least bothered and yes, we shouldnt forget recent comment by Pope. No such comments given by any mullah yet? *grin*

- I do believe there re few molvis who are jahil and they rather make non-muslims to hate Islam,not an issue since black sheeps are everywhere but as a Muslim its your responsiblity to guide your non-Muslim friends for learned scholars, if you yourself don't know who talks good and who doesn't then other shouldn't be blamed:).

Dont worry many nonmuslims have been accepting Islam so there is no danger sign that Bad image of Islam is being potrayed:)

Destitute Rebel said...

All I'll say to that adnan is that yes many people converting, some because they want to some because they are confused and pressured by the tablighi jamat.

But there are a lot of muslims questioning why it is ok for muslim to go around converting others while if a muslim converts, he should be killed or thrown out of the muslim country.