Monday, November 13, 2006

Caught in the Rain on My Way to the Sandy Lake

Some words strike a strong personal cord in you, these by Su Shi did that to me, We always try and take the easy way out even if we don't want to, sometimes circumstances do that, obligations, expectations. Sometimes you wish things were different but by that time there is nothing you can do. I have realized that one should take chances, one should travel the road less travelled, find out whats at the end of that road, at least there won't be regrets whatever the outcomes and one can tell ones self that I tried.

Listen not to the rain beating against the trees.
Why not walk slowly while chanting at ease?
Better than a saddle I like sandals and cane.I'd fain
In a straw cloak, spend my life in mist and rain.

Drunken, I am sobered by the vernal wind shrill And rather chill.
In front, I see the slanting sun atop the hill;
Turning my head, I see the dreary beaten track.
Let me go back!Impervious to rain or shine, I'll have my own will.


Anonymous said...

songs usually do this to me, i may have had the song for a long time but one day it suddenly makes so much sense and resembles my feelings so strongly tht its scary.

Destitute Rebel said...

Yeah thats true, music, art, poetry, literature, images and culture always effect you in different ways, sometimes you might not feel anything while at others, the feelings can become overwhelming. It depends on you too personally, how you are feeling at that particular time, when you are happy a sad song might not particuarly effect you the way it would at other times. you know what i mean.

Anonymous said...

i sure do!
i think it also has to do with prespective; and sometimes we dont really listen we just hear. its when we listen tht something affects us.

Destitute Rebel said...