Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have realized one thing, I think more and better on less sleep and an empty stomach. Yesterday for example I hadn't slept a minute all night and did'nt have a morsel of food the whole day and on the lesiurly road trip (yes thats what I call the 2 hour drive from office to home) at 6 PM my mind was on overdrive, I had so many ideas for blogging, things I wanted to do etc. Today I'm thinking maybe I should experement, take a scientific approach to the theory I have had food but not slept so I'll stay awake find out if it was the lack of sleep, tomorrow I won't eat but will try and get sleep and that way I can find out what the factor is, wether it is sleep, hunger or a combination of both. Started or rather stopped something else today too but feeling weak right about now so won't boast about it atleast not for another couple of days untill I'm sure I can handle myself.

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Adnan Siddiqi said...

concept of Roza in day timings and getting up for tahajud is not sensless thing offered by God. If you read story by any saint; from Imam Hanifa[ra] to Nizam uddin Awlia, they always preached for two things 1)eat less 2)pray more in night[sleep less]