Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I have loved old things and antiques for quite sometime now and whenever I see one I get excited, I love the old and I would probably have loved living in ancient times. Here is something that I wanted to share with you people. I have heard stories of bath pool in ancient times heated by oil lamps and several other "technologies" this isn't exactly a technology but an innovative and usefull utensil for its time. It is basically a water flask said to be about 200 years old. Used by nobelmen when they used to go out for long periods, hunting etc. It is made of silver covered by cloth has a glass. The unique thing is the design, it incorporates a space in the middle of the flask so that "ice" could be put in it to keep the water cold for long periods of time. For those times it surely is a good thing and the look and the feel is amazing.

The Flask Made of silver, covered with cloth.

Complete with glass, cap and strap to hang the bottle with.

The hole to put the ice in to keep the water cold.


kaya said...

how brilliant is that.
My favourite is collecting paandaan's.
Great pic Dreb!

Destitute Rebel said...

Paandans are good too from that era with minute work and usually made of delicate silver that type of work is hard to replicate anymore.

Anonymous said...

Two books you may enjoy are "Lost Discoveries - The Ancient Roots of Modern Science from the Babylonians to the Mayans" by Dick Teresi and "Ancient Inventions" by Peter James & Nick Thorpe.

-Troy Z

Destitute Rebel said...

Welcome to my blog Troy and thanks for the tip, I will look into the books.