Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pakistan For Sale

"Privatisation in a fair & transparent manner, for the benefit of the people of Pakistan in the right way, to the right people at the right price."

This is the motto of the Privatisation commission of Pakistan. Im not against Privatization I'm just against selling the country's assets for a much lesser value then they should get, I am also against selling the National Assets which are of strategic importance to the country for example PTCL and Heavy Industrial Complex. I am also against selling money making assets at a much lesser value then they could fetch in the open market to Army Welfare Trust and Fauji Foundation without proper bidding process.

The Privatisation Commision of Pakistan in its latest frenzy of selling no matter what has given away money making business at throw away prices. Important Strategic Units are for sale. Money Making Businesses are being sold why? We have been losing a lot of money on the useless Army I wonder when that will be put up for privatization.

A list of companies sold by PCOF in recent years and Up for sale for your reference.

Privitized since 2001
United Bank Limited
Bank Alfalah
Habib Bank Limited
Muslim Commercial Bank
Investment Corporation Of Pakistan
Sui Nothern LPG
Several Oil And Gas Fields (adhi, dhurnal, ratana etc.)
Carrier Telephone Industries
Associated Cement
Thatha Cement
Ittehad Chemical
National Petrocarbon
Pak Saudi fertilizer
Pak Arab Fertilizer
Pak American fertiliser
Falleti's Hotel Lahore
Pakistan Steel Mills

On The table to be Privatised
National Investment Trust
SUI Nothern
SUI Sothern
Peshawar Electric
Faislabad Electric
Jamshori Power Company
Lasbella Textile
Lyalpur Chemicals and Fertiliser
Heavy Mechanical Complex Taxila
Sind Engineering

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Boo! said...

My only majore problemm was with selling PTCL... probably the only money-making government organization... dealt out for nothing.

O well...