Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nawab Bugti Killed

Nawab Bugti along with many others was killed today. I hope this incident of the killing of Nawab Bugti a former main stream politician in an encounter with security forces, will lead to a new chapter for the people of Baluchistan. Nawab Bugti a former Governor of Baluchistan was a feudal lord not interested in the improvement of life for his people. In recent years he had tried every thing in his power to impede in the devolment works undertaken by the government in the provence. With his passing I hope a new era will be born where the Balouch people will have better lives and good things to look forward to.

I had previously written about the Balouchistan (Dated Feburary 6th) issue and suggested dealing with War Lords who were using innocent people for their goals. I feel now that I might have written that post in anger and although these people need to be dealt with, some common ground needs to be found instead of violence.

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Thanos said...

More thoughts on this here:

Boo! said...

One hopes that the people who've been brainwashed for years know that there is improvement to be had after this.