Monday, February 06, 2006


Lately all we'v been hearing in the news is Balouchistan this Balouchistan that, bombing here, rocket attack there, attacks on military convoys. These bloody warlords need to be reigned in, I say bomb them all and deal with it later. Sort them out in such a way that in the future they do not dare to use innocent people for their vested monetary interests. Nawabi, Sardari, and all the stuff should have ended long ago, these bastards are bbad for everyone. DEAL WITH THEM BEFORE THEY CAUSE MORE HARM.


shobz said...

shoot them all. i cant stand them. i cant stand their progeny who have their own cliques and pretend that they are all part of the west side story. if we deal with this problem we wont have any more hot headed pre pubescent (these guys havent grown up despite being adults) guys shooting people in rage.

Razz said...

If only it were so simple ..

krishan said...

I think it's the pakistani army which is involved in rapping and killing innocent balouches in Balouchistan and as you people are advising that you should kill more people to sort out the problem i do n't think that killings will solve any problem, it will agrevate it instead.Because at present as we know nawab saheb had been killed in a cowardley manner by pakistani army(universal terror squad) and you can easily see the impact in queta and karachi and it simply proves that Pakistan just want tp spread terrorism throughout the whole world.

Krishan(from india).