Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Eyes Pour Out Tears- Bulleh Shah

He left me, and himself he departed;
What fault was there in me ?

Neither at night nor in the day do I sleep in peace;
My eyes pour out tears !

Sharper than swords and spears are the arrows of love !
There is no one as cruel as love ;

This malady no physician can cure.
There is no peace, not for a moment,

So intense is the pain of separation !
O Bullah, if the Lord were to shower

His grace, My days would radically change !
He left me, and himself he departed.

What fault was there in me ?

1 comment:

kaya said...

I love Abida Perveen singing Bhulleshah and also Nusrat.
Still angrejji mai padd kar baat nahi hui. Its like biryani with caviar. Nahi hota sirjee.
Punjabi tay dasso.