Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rumi - Rubayat

The Tomb of Rumi in Konya, Turkey.

Though every way I try
His whim to satisfy,
His every answering word
Is a pointed sword.

See how the blood drips
From His finger-tips;
Why does He find it good
To wash in my blood?


Tainted Female said...

A few things...

'He' is capitalized meaning some great significance to this being you cease to understand.

Honestly, this poem (since combined with the picture of a Tomb) is a mystery to me. I will come back to see how other people have interpreted this.

MD said...

beautiful! i love the finger-tips and blood part. i'm reading ghazali's 'alchemy of happiness'...i think im going to browse through rumi's poetry now :)

Anonymous said...

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