Monday, July 31, 2006

Hope Anyone ??

Pakistanis have no foreign oppressor, only our very own politicians who we have elected through a "semi" democratic process or who have come into power by force with the support of the general public. Yet, this system has served only to oppress us, to deprive us of our basic rights and dignity and to severely retard the progress of our nation. Many able men and women of our country have shirked this duty, claiming that politics is corrupt and they want no part of it. These men and women are cowards and hypocrites, for politics is corrupt only because of their absence. Ultimately it is they who have failed their country, and not the criminals who have become our politicians and leaders.


Tainted Female said...


A statement like this:

'These men and women are cowards and hypocrites, for politics is corrupt only because of their absence.'

Cold also be used to describe a lot of the issues with Dubai & Dubai's society. The absence of people 'doing something' - rather than just complaining about injustices are as much to blame as those who create the injustices. You could use this to refer to those who don't bother fighting for their rights concerning increasing rents, traffic, etc. But too many people lack hope - and all seem shocked when someone actually does get some injustice corrected.

I wonder what it takes for a whole society to lose hope?

Anonymous said...

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