Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pakistan Leaders who could not lead

The following paras are taken from an article about the state of affairs of pakistan's leaders published in Media Monitors Network. The article is worth reading.

"How ignorant and corrupt a nation could be if it foresees people like Benazir Bhutto, Zardaris, Sharifs and General Musharaf as promising leaders who looted its honor and wealth and jeopardized its very existence?"

"Old puppets never die", noted an old English juggler. Pakistanis have not created leaders but puppets to perform on stage. A nation floating with military coups, economic dilemmas and political tragedies without any rational sense of its future. There appears to be something fundamentally wrong either with the nation or its genuinely proven corrupt leaders.

Does Musharaf or any military rulers hold a "vision" for change and political reformation for the future of Pakistan? Is General Musharaf capable of doing anything good for the besieged nation?

”Allah does not change the conditions of people, unless first they change themselves (Al-Qura’an). ”Perpetuated ignorance leaves no glimmer of hope for a sustainable change on the political or intellectual horizons. In all likelihood, it will be abrupt change to oust the General from within the body of the military establishments.


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