Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pakistan army to take over Education

"The government will hire Pakistan Army personnel to improve the level of
education in schools and colleges"

These are the words of President of Pakistan, who is not willing to remove his uniform. In Pakistan he is seldom seen in Civilian clothes while abroad he is never is in a Military Uniform. He hold two offices simultaneously the office of the president as well as the office of the Army Chief. The Army in Pakistan is in control of everything and now we seem to be loosing the education department to the military too.

Let's see, the Pakistan Army recruits its officers straight from 12th grade and sends them off to the Pakistani Military academy. This academy is like the American "BOOT Camp", only Americans send their officers to the boot camp after a 4 year education in a regular college. They also have a military academy at westpoint which offers a wide variety of 4 years degrees to its cadets along with military training. The Pakistan academy on the other hand Graduates officers after a two year degree (which they like to compare to the American 4 year undergraduate Degree), Most of these two years are spent in physical aspects and not education. During their career the officers go through several courses starting from basic, to command and staff college, and then the war college, command and staff college confers degree's in war studies also, its an honorary bachelors and the war college confers a master's in war studies. The soldier of the Pakistan army is a warrior in all aspects what can we expect from them in the education sector. Please leave educators to their education and do what you are supposed to do.

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