Tuesday, October 04, 2005

US foreign policy towards Pakistan

Lets see, since I'v been talking about Pakistan I decided i should write about some of my feelings of the United States foreign policy towards pakistan. I feel that America has always used other countries to meet their needs. This is very good policy for the Americans, wether its good foreign policy or not I'm not really sure. But with respect to Pakistan our country has been used as a pawn in the greater american game, and there is no one to blame but our leaders. Pakistan has always done what the United States has told us to do. We fought the soviets for them in Afghanistan, we supported the Iraqis against the Iranians (quietly) becaue the americans were not pleased with the islamic revolution in Iran. Throughout the cold war we were Americas partners what happenes after the soviet union breaks up, right, we get abandoned, we get left with jihadis who brew trouble in out midst, we get left with drugs which were the result of the soviet/afghan war. Especially after the tit for tat nuclear tests by pakistan sangtions were imposed on us, who may I ask started Pakistan on nuclear path long ago, Right the United states. In a book titled "The Idea of Pakistan"Stephen Cohen an expert analyst on South Asia says "There was an important American contribution in the form of periodic visits by American nuclear experts to the Staff College in Quetta," "a 1957 visit by a U.S. nuclear-warfare team that 'proved most useful and resulted in modification and revision of the old syllabus' to bring it into line with the 'fresh data' given by the team." "present-day Pakistani nuclear planning and doctrine is descended directly from this early exposure to Western nuclear strategizing; it very much resembles American thinking of the mid-1950s with its acceptance of first-use and the tactical use of nuclear weapons against onrushing conventional forces." The fact of the matter is that when we are needed we are america's best friend and when their purpose is fullfilled we are abandoned. So when should we next expect our abandonment.
The United states was shouting and hollering at the millitary dictator Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf when he toppled the elected government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a bloodless coup. They were not willing to even talk to the Government as it was not a democratically elected and thus did not have a mandate to make policy. I met Senator Tom Harkin (D), honorable representative of the great state of Iowa right after the september 11 attacks and he said something to the tune of -we used to have a great contact with the Sharif Govt and i have visited pakistan on several occasion but since the coup we are sort of cut off with the generals government.- - Well my question to saviors of democracy is why the hell did you change the policy, why do you endorse the same general and why are you now sitting quitely and praising the General every second day. I guess I should write to Senator Harkin and ask him these questions, maybe he can enlighten me on US foreign policy.

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