Monday, October 03, 2005

Pakistan a Historic Perspective

Pakistan from in conception has seen a lot of ups and dows economically, politically and socially.This can be attributed to a lot of things only one of which is the political instability of our system. Who is to be blamed for the pathetic state of affairs of our country ? this is a question with multiple answers, is it the Millitary who take over the reigns of the country whenever it pleases them? is it the politicians who plunder the country at will to fill their coffers in swiss banks? is it the feudals who don't want their people to flourish? Or is it the common man who is not bothered as to what happens to the country. Every one has their own opinions on the situation I'd like to give my two cents although I personally dislike authoritarian rule and prefer democracy I honestly feel that a country like Pakistan and a people like Pakistanis can not live under a democracy, The nation has still not hit puberty and like a child needs a strong and strict nurturer to keep it from going astray. By saying this i am in no way endorsing the millitary regime of my country nor am i saying that the leaders are like a mother but to be a little nice i would say the military rulers at the helm of affairs of our great country are like step mother, they care but a little and they do not have the love needed and the heart to take the nation to its heights.