Thursday, April 01, 2010

Great Gadgets of this year

This year will see two of the greatest gadgets to come to the worldwide market, these two next generation gadgets by two of the best technology companies are iPhone 4g by Apple computer inc. & Playstation 4 by Sony, along with other great devices these two devices are sure to take the market by storm and entertain tech geeks from around the world. The iPhone 3G was able to capture a great chunk of the telephone market due to its innovative style and a user friendly operating system that made it easy for people to use the device, this phone was way ahead of its competitors and the highly secretive iPhone 4G will probably follow suit with yet another amazing device to capture technology followers hearts. Apple inc. intends to end its contract with AT&T this year and Verizon CDMA is a frontrunner as apple's choice for a carrier making a Verizon iPhone available to the users. Sony on the other hand is planning a surprise with their real world motion sensore technology enabled Playstation to join other great devices in the tech market. The technology market is eagerly awaiting the price and release dates for these two revolutionary devices which have not been officially announced.

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