Saturday, March 01, 2008

Blogspot Blocked Again?

Is is possible that the government of Pakistan or individual ISP's have blocked blogger again? since late last night I have been unable to access any blogger website. I have had no problems with othe sites, in the evening I called my ISP which is Wateen and they claimed there was nothing wrong fom "their side", just now I tried another blogspot website which has a non blogger domain forward on it and it opened, tried opening blogger sites through https tunneling and they seem to be working, its just when its a blogspot domain in the url they dont work, anyone else having the same poblems please let me know?


Boo! said...

Heyyy... wat's up DR? loong time? how come you are in Pakistan?

as for blogger, i can't say for sure since i'm not in Pakistan at the moment, but the date of your post coincides with the news of Pakistan blocking youtube... neaarly causing a global blackout of the site for 2 hours!

anyway... entirely likely that they went for blogger as well...

the dolts!

Destitute Rebel said...

Hey Booo!! Yup long time, been having a mid life crisis :-) In pakistan for the time being, hope all is well with you.

Looks like these minor problems with sensorship and occasional suicide bombings in the neighborhood have become a norm and one should get used to it living in Pakistan.

kaya said...

Hmmm. tum phir Pakistan mai ho?
Elections mai khadday honay ka shaukh toh nahi aagiya aap ko?