Saturday, November 24, 2007

Absence and going ons

Hey, just felt like droping in here and writing something today. Its been a while since I was here and I do not think any of the few readers that were here are there anymore, this is sort of an explanation as to where I have been for those friends who have sent me emails asking where I am. I have been in Pakistan for the past month and a half on account of several things including some problems with my business and my sister's aproaching wedding which is Inshallah soon.

Other than a few visits to my farms and some work for the coming wedding I have been relatively free and have had time to reflect on a lot of things, I have studied the option of doing a project/NGO I had always dreamed of doing in Pakistan and did some research regarding that. Visited my childhood home which brought back nostalgic memories of vacations spent there, salvaged a lot of artwork from the house which was in ruin on account of the house being shut down for the last 8 years. It seems only like yesterday that I used to run around the mango and leychee orchards and catch butterflies and fireflies from the grounds, sometimes a lifetime seems like a few days at other times a month might seem like an eternity.

I will be leaving back for Dubai inshallah end of December and then I will be writing here regularly, right now I have limited access to the internet with the house full of wedding guests, Hope to catch up with you all soon.

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EXSENO said...

Good to know that you are still around. Some time you yourself is always a good thing, enjoy it.