Saturday, March 03, 2007

Day to Day

Life has just been so busy these past few days, work kept me on my toes and I have been having some problems here and there so havent gotten much time to blog. I guess I'll be the same way for the next couple of weeks at least so i'll just post some old works or gibrish.


clayfuture said...

So do the old works fall under the category of Gibberish??... just kidding! :P

Destitute Rebel said...

Ah clayfuture, I'm sorry buddy for some people the old works definitely are gibberish, I should be thoughtful of those audience and post some nursery rhymes too, lol. where have you been man, long time.

clayfuture said...

I'm still in the office! Very busy these days. Have to work out my schedule for this month, otherwise everyday will be like this!! Anyways, I pop in to comment every now and then!!