Thursday, February 01, 2007


One mans happiness could be another's sadness, I'm sure the Omani's were sulking while the UAE was celebrating their Gulf Cup victory as a Nation.

UAE has been on the streets for the past 2 nights celebrating their victory.

Update: Day 3 and day 4 were as busy as day 1 and 2. Today being the forth day it was the same, crowds everywhere, wearing the National colors, with decorated cars. Today also there was a huge organized rally starting in Jumeira going till Mamzar beach with police escorts and two helicopters.


Anonymous said...

i have seen arab football club supporters hang off their cars like that on highway 6 in israel.. always scares the heck out of me.. must admit.. especially when they are driving at 140km per hour

Anonymous said...

soon they will go back to losing to yemen and iraq

Destitute Rebel said...

@ Lirun, yup this is the first time I saw arabs on the streets in a mob like fashion. reminded me somewhat of Pakistan, My country is a huge mob.

@Karachidude, well they might lose but this is their moment of glory and an achievement worth being proud of.

dp8573909 said...
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