Saturday, December 09, 2006

Random Rant

Everyone has priorities in their life the question is when a situation changes how is it that the things that were so important to you change too. I mean one day we sit and dream about a certain thing that we want and the next day something totally different comes into the spectrum and we no longer bother with our first priority. Our entire life takes a U-Turn and we now want something entirely different then we had ever imagined or planned. We as human beings constantly want and need, these wants and needs constantly change how we think and plan our days, our life. We will change our whole lifestyle, our perception of things our efforts for something we believe in, what makes us do things that a year back we never imagined we would do. But sometimes our priorities are too improtant for anything else to get in the way, sometimes our priorities stick till the end and that is when dreams come true. I guess thats why they are our priorities.

Did that make any sense?

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clayfuture said...

I feel like having a bar of Snickers!