Sunday, December 17, 2006


In all his being he’ll fail to trace,

a single sign of a saving grace.
Blinkered eyes and a wrinkled face,
his trophies from this lifelong race !


Lirun said...

dude.. i must say i am so facsinated by pakistan.. seems tobe such a sensitive political balance in your region..

do you go back often?

clayfuture said...

The balance of power rests between the rich and the super rich in pakistan. You've got money, you're king!

Destitute Rebel said...

Hi Lirun, Pakistan is a very interesting place, unfortunately for me I can't visit Israel, and unfortunately for you Pakistan is most probably not possible. As for political balance thats true its very sensitive if there is any. Yes I visit Pakistan every couple of months.

Clayfuture you are so wrong in that statement, Power in Pakistan is not based on money, it helps though, but you can be very rich and still not yeild any power on the other hand you can have a lot of power and not be rich.

Anonymous said...
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kaya said...

Turn the key,set your soul free.
How every day must seem like an eternity
but shhhh... very soon very sooon