Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let It snow

I used to love hearing "let it snow, let it snow", and several other "holiday" songs this time of the year, everywhere I went. And I used to look forward to the snow. But today I am grateful to God for a second shower in as many days here in Dubai. The weather is turning out to be really lovely. When I was little I always used to look for the rainbow after the rain, I dont rememeber the last time I did that, I wonder why we stop doing the things we used to love?


Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike!! Notice we posted seconds away from each other.
i wish this weather would last well into march!!

Anonymous said...

@TFL good Luck!!

well i cant rule it out though. If it does continue then it may well go in to march but if it is meant to end the we would be sweating by feb.