Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pakistan and NGO's

Pakistan is a country which suffers from a lot of problems suffered by any third world country, I preffer to call them developing nations. With a weak infrastructute, lack of education and oppertunity Pakistan needs a lot of help from where ever it can. In these days of need you would say where are the affluent who can help and where are the NGO's that are supposed to be working for the betternment of the people. I won't even mention the government because frankly they have been pretty much useless.

Pakistan has hundreds if not thousands of registered NGO's that have tax free status and are allowed to collect Zakat for their projects, but most of these NGO's are fronts for politicians who want to portray their dedication to the masses before elections or for businessmen who use these NGO's to save their taxes. I'v looked far and wide and have found very few NGO with resources who are genuinely working towards their goals, I wish there were more people out there who thought about others sometimes.
Here I would like to mention one NGO that I feel is really doing something worthwhile. I laud them for their efforts and pray that they can do more and better and I hope they become an example for others to follow. "The Citizens Foundation" is an organization that is using its resources to provide people with cheap and free education all over the country. They have already established 311 schools all over the country and increasing fast. The organization provides schooling, books and uniforms in installments for people who can't afford to pay it all together, they use the zakat funds to pay for the needs of students who cant afford and education. A very noble venture and I look forward to bigger and better things from them and others.


Balushi said...

instead of buying weapons pakistan could easily buy tractors, trucks, cargo ships, seaport equipments and build the lives of their people.

but they are buying waepons to protect the people instead! - I mean what protect????

We(incl. baluchi population) should rather be DEAD than to live such life in misery!

well my 2cents worth.

Zak said...

Yup one of the few quality NGO's out there..Eid Mubarak DR..may you have a happy one.

Payday Loans said...
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Dr. Imran Nasee said...

Agreed that one should buy other necessities rather than investing on arms, but this should go all acorss. If the surrounding environemnt is hostile and carrying hegemonic designs, one feels anything but safe. We need to cultivate a holistic culture of peace and prosperity.