Monday, July 24, 2006

A Hidden Gem

Today while browsing the web I came upon a website that opened a floodgate of memories. I remember clearly about 14 years back on a Eid day when we had gone for a private viewing of the most amazing treasures I have ever set my eyes upon. The place was a private antique collection known as the Fakir Khana Museum. We had all day to see the amazing collection and get a very personal tour by the trustees of the Museum. Not many people get a chance to see such a lovely collection all in one place. I recommend anyone who has not been to the Fakir Khana Museum to go visit it and be mesmerized. The following is taken from their website which I discovered today.

The Fakir Khana E-Museum is a one of its kind project.

Fakir Khana Museum "the largest antiques collection in south Asia" is the honor, pocessions and pride of the well known Fakir Family whose vibrant history can be amazingly traced back hundreds of years. This museum is basically inside an early 20th century house carrying a kaleidoscope of unimaginable pieces. From gems & stones, portraits & miniatures to original manuscripts of holy Quran and Relics of Islam including the relics of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). It is a place full of history, memories and treasures.

Every single artifact at Fakir Khana Museum has a story to tell. Entering the arches of the Fakir Khana museum you truly get to know that not only this family is the proud bearer of the relics and the antiques collection but it’s also a part of an eventful history. The sixth generation of the Fakir Khana today can trace their family back to 18th century when their ancestors came from “BUKHARA” to “UCH-SHARIEF”. They were the ones who served in the court of Maharaja Rangit Singh as the prime minister and Royal Physician. Fakir Sayyed Noor Uddin was amongst the favorites of Maharaja Rangit Singh as he cured an acute eye disease which was spoiling his good eye. Fakir Sayyed Noor uddin. Later made the largest hospital for the poor know known as “MAYO” hospital today. Fakir Sayyed Aziz uddin was very much respected as he was not only the prime minister but also an interpreter for Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Being the ruler at the time Maharaja Rangit Singh more often received gifts from official visitors which he passed on to the Fakir Brothers along with most of other treasures from his predecessors. One of the most talked about gifts of that time is the huge portrait of Queen Victoria presented by Lord Auckland which is framed in gold and set in real turquoise. Later generations traveled the world and collected Chinese & Japanese paintings, miniatures imari bowls, coins, Buddhist stone carvings, ancient pottery & silver & what not. From antiques weapons to a stone poison filter (recently tested by a drug company & guaranteed to work, this place won’t stop amazing you. Each of these 30,000 pieces spell bind visitors once they enter the arches of Fakir Khana. This is the time when they highly comprehend the passion and obsession of the Fakir family collection.

Here are a few Pictures Taken from their website.

A Handwritten Quran

A Piece Of Ghandara.

A Miniature Painting.

A Piece of Chinese Pottery.

A Mughal Era Painting.


Cosmic girl said...

looks intreaguing!!

Destitute Rebel said...

Hi cosmic Girl, Thanks for stopping by, a beautiful collection and a must see if you are in the area.

Anonymous said...

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Cosmic girl said...

Destitute Rebel .. unfortunately I'm not.. but I'll definitely keep it in mind the next time we travel..