Friday, July 07, 2006

Fridays In The UAE

Friday is a holiday in the UAE and man would I suggest you stay in the house and not bother leaving because it is probably worse than hell on the streets. I usually stay indoors on Fridays but today after a long time I had to leave the sanctity of my house to buy some stuff. The traffic conditions were awfull, the shopping center was as crowded as a stadium, I mean literally I was feeling claustrophobic in the mall. There were people everywhere, I though maybe I had landed in China by mistake.

In other news Titled "Study shows why diplomats won't pay up" surprisingly UAE diplomats seem to be among the best/most disciplined in the world the story states that "Twenty-two countries averaged zero unpaid tickets per year, according to the study, including Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates." Is it because they follow the rules or is it because they seldom leave their mansions to pursue official duties.


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Omer said...

Read part of this post in Gulf News' Tabloid today and glad I followed the link. Nice, refreshing reads. (Interesting to see they didn't mention the 2nd paragraph though). Please do keep writing.