Sunday, June 11, 2006


Shaira has decided I need to reveal all by tagging me.

20 years ago I . . .
1. I was the devil that wrecked the whole town.
2. Did'nt know how to swim and jumped into the pool, scared the shit out of everybody.
3. Wore funny clothes, sometimes didnt even wear thoose.

10 years ago I . . .
1. I was still a devil creating trouble all over the place.
2. Learnt a lesson from my near drowning experience ten years ago and was a star swimmer representing my state and winning medals in the Nationals.
3. I was almost shot by a relative inside a room because I gave him a loaded weapon. The bullet barely missed me and put a whole in my jacket and several other things in the room.

5 years ago I . . .
1. Was Enjoying college Life.
2. Was hungry and driving to an all night diner, got hit by a drunk driver.
3. Spent a lot of time in hospitals and became a half medical professional from all the experiments the doctors performed on me.

3 years ago I . . .
1. I came back to settle in Dubai.
2. Hated the place and spent endless nights smoking on the beach.
3. Decided there was no other viable option and that I had to make the best of what I had.

1 year ago I . . .
1. Started working on a business plan that I really liked.
2. Bought a new car.
3. Started taking one day off a week for myself no matter what.

So far this year I . . .
1. Started my new business (almost).
2. Started reading a lot more than I usually did.
3. Started Blogging.

Yesterday I . . .
1. I slept all day.
2. Read a lot of Archie when I woke up.
3. Saw some movies at night.

Today . . .
1. Entered my new office for the first time.
2. Met some close relatives from india for the first time in my life.
3. Got a big freakin injection in my behind (how can I forget) it still hurts.

Tomorrow. . .
1. I have to interview a couple of people.
2. Have to find time to watch "The DaVinci Code."
3. Use my limited supply of Valium and try and sleep early.

In the next year I will . . .
1.Try to quit smoking.
2. Try to exercise more (as if i exercise any right now).
3. Still be blogging. and if I dont have an island you will continue to hear about the dream.

God willing

Four people I am tagging:
Omer Alvie (Olive Realm)


Totally Frank said...


Thanks for visiting my site. You’re most welcome anytime!

Interesting read .... You know I don't even remember what I did last week, never mind what I was doing 20 years ago!!! lol

Take care.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol at the exercise more... still hope you quit smoking. sheesha every once in a while, ok...but cigs, no way.

(major bias, I know)

kaya said...

OH GOD! et tu Brutus!
Tum nay bhi likha and all I can manage is time to make comments.

yeh doctor hospital ka kya chkkar hai?

sidrah said...

oh this will require heavy thinking :/

will update in a few days!

opinionatedinjerzee said...

wow!! thats some list.. must say you have lived a full life.. been shot, nearly drowned, got hit by a drunk driver!! good luck with your future plans!

Anonymous said...

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