Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chessboard Dr Farrukh Saleem

This Article is Taken from The News.

For those who do not Understand Pakistani Politics.

Sharifov: Sharifs, Twice Elected to office of the Prime Minister, Twice thrown out before the end of their term.

The Queen: Reffers to Ms. Bhutto, Twice Elected to the office of the Prime Minsiter, Twice Thrown out before the end of her term.

Q: reffers to PML(Q), The Party of Choice for the Dictor to do his deeds.

First, according to London's International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) the US Army has a total strength of 502,000 while the Pak Army has 550,000 soldiers. There are 881 generals in the US Army while the number of generals in the Pak Army ranges from 790 to 940 (brigadier-generals included in both cases).

Second, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), America's GDP stands at $12.5 trillion while Pakistan's GDP at $118 billion is less than one per cent of America's (GDP-nominal). Behind $12,500,000,000,000 worth of goods and services produced are 15 cabinet members and six cabinet rank members. In Pakistan, $118,000,000,000 worth of GDP is lorded over by more than three-dozen federal ministers, more than two-dozen ministers of state and five-dozen others with the rank of a federal minister or minister of state; that's a total of 10-dozen ministers.

Here's how the politico-military chessboard looks in the Land of the Pure. At least a corps from among the king's soldiers is engaged in Balochistan and two corps' strength is in Waziristan. The rest of king's rooks, knights and pawns are under order to deliver Punjab to the Q on a platter.

Only a company -- 60 to 250 personnel with a captain or a major in command -- will be required to send the Sharifovs back to their holy exile. For the Queen, a dungeon awaits as every adjudicator is under oath to pronounce a life-term for even the smallest of misdemeanours, real or cooked-up, committed some two decades ago.

There are three things that our elite don't like: Sharifov, the Queen and democracy. Given half a chance -- in 1988, 1990, 1993, and 1997 -- ordinary voters have always elected either the Queen or Sharifov. In return, every chance the Queen or Sharifov got they squandered by choking the only other democratic force around -- encouraging non-democratic forces -- and failing to put in place an independent judiciary (that could've saved them in times of trouble). In essence, the Queen and Sharifov have been each other's worst enemies.

With -- but preferably without -- the Queen in town and the electoral field will be made to tilt in Q's favour and the loaded electoral dice will be made to land in Q's lap. The rulers, however, would love to have one genuine political force on their side; play one democratic force against the other. Sharifovs insist they are not in the queue. Is the Queen?

The rulers would love an explicit split between the Queen and Sharifov. The Queen has long been putting all her eggs in the American basket. The great American democracy, on the other hand, is somehow convinced that it must have undemocratic allies. Democratic forces cannot -- and should not -- count on Uncle Sam's help. On October 15, 2003, Ilham Aliyev, son of America's favourite dictator, stage-managed 76.8 per cent of all votes. On September7, 2005, Hosni Mubarak, America's favourite dictator, was re-crowned bagging 88.6 per cent of votes. To be certain, President Bush has been elected by American voters to safeguard America's geo-strategic interests, democracy or dictatorship is everyone's own business.

The chessboard used to be the Queen's strength. Lately, the Queen has been making plenty of wrong moves. The worst thing that political leaders can do is stay away from their political domains.

At this juncture, what Pakistan needs the most is a multi-party, multi-candidate, genuinely competitive, free and fair elections. The one who gives Pakistan what Pakistan needs the most shall not only protect his own future but will also be remembered in history as the 'real saviour'.

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Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Ahh good old paki politics. Wasn't the Queens husband referred to as Mr Ten percent? Or was it her brother?

Zak said...

Yes her hubby was known as Mr 10% ..mind you he did a good 7 years in jail without charge so even if he was convicted for his many frauds he'd be out anyways..now that stopped the army from locking him and others in and throwing away the key.

You've missed the bit about how the Army made the Sharifov brothers ..groomed them as the anti queen politicians..rigged a few elections when there was pseudo democracy in the 1990's and told both democrats stay away from afghan policy, India policy the nuke programme and the army budget and then maybe we'll let you run what littles left :p

Destitute Rebel said...

Shaira - Thats true, Zardari, Ms. Bhutto's husband is known as Mr. 10%. BBC made an excellent documentary on the couple titled, The princess and the playboy about 7-8 years back.

Zak - Very True, Sharifs were brough to power by the army thats undisputed, but they gained popularity and strengh and tried to challenege the army. tut tut tut. They should have known better.

Boo! said...


o well... at least I got an (honourable) mention.

As for challenging the army, Mr Sharif was trying to replace the second Chief of Army Staff (COAS)in as many years. Even though it was well within his powers, it is pretty ridiculous, and he ended up paying the price.

The interesting bit is that since the PM was allowed under the constitution to get rid of the COAS at will, and he used that power... technically the General in power now is not really a general, but was actually sacked (and sacked 8 years ago)!

Anonymous said...

both got two terms and both filled their pockets

The bigger Sharif tries to go against the general by not allowing him to land his plane when only few precious drops of fuel were left in the tank....

BIG mistake

and now we have MMA maybe one of the most hated party ever who appear to be educated and all and just a few days back a NAIB AMEER comes on TV and calls the General A TRAITOR.........just goes to show you their level of education

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Anonymous said...

pakistan was born out of hatred, bloodshed and torture.. It is coming back to haunt them again.. sixty years after they are still talking of building the institutions.. what a sorry state of affairs.. president and parliament is nowhere in the picture.. the army call the shots and get all the money .. the nation suffers, millions go hungry... Ex prime minister promised bomb and said his nation that thousand years they will eat grass if the need be... the time has come.. bankrupty of the economy all over the country...half the country lost in 71, another half of the remainder will go the same way in few years time...