Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WTF - Is this a laundry company or a shipping company?

Central laundry company launches with $6.8 billion capital

(MENAFN) The Kuwaiti Commercial Real-Estate Company announced that it has established the Central Laundry Company with $6.8 billion capital, KUNA reported.The company will handle laundry service for hotels owned by shareholders.The director of Strategic Studies in the Commercial Real-Estate Company and Head of the Establishing Committee of the laundry company said that establishing the company aims at broadening investment activities.The official said that the services will also be provided for hospitals, military camps, and other institutes due to the increasing demand for laundry services in Kuwait.Among the establishing and shareholding companies are the Commercial Real-Estate Company, Kuwait Parks Company, Al-Oula Hotels Company, International Central Company, Al-Aziziyah United Company, Kuwait Construction House Company, Kuwait and Gulf League Holding Company, and Kuwait Commercial Malls Company, which all own a number of hotels and resorts in Kuwait.


Anonymous said...

maybe a money laundering company

Seabrook Crisps said...

thats a lot of laundry

Anonymous said...

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