Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wish List - Khwab

Today I could'nt think of anything to write about (you can well imagine how boring my life is if i cant fine anything to write about), so I will write about my wish list.

This is my wish list in no particular order:

Peaceful Life
Red Ferrari
Private Island
Big Farm/Ranch
Discover the Meaning of Life

Out of these at least 4 are interrelated, My ultimate dream and ideal way of living is is semi isolation, thus the Private Island, where I can live a peaceful life, and discover the meaning of Life, I want this Island to be self sufficient and the 4th thing Farming is somthing that will enable me to eat. Thus I'm looking for an Island which is not too small and not to big, just the right size. small cottage. Only 2 requirements, computer/internet and airconditioning. Need an alternative energy source to power the air cons. Flying is also something I would like to do. The red ferrari is way down at the bottom, thats for when I have discovered the meaning of life, written a best seller and am driving around for book signings.

Khwab adhoorey sahi, Khwab Saharey to hain.


opinionatedinjerzee said...

hehe.. nice list.. dont go too far off on a secluded island then we will be getting those wierd islamic emails from you too!!! oh no!!!!!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

There are cheap islands near the phillipines. I actually checked couple of months back. lol

By the way, I have the film Baraka agar aap chaiyyeh vo? drop me a line.

baptizedlucifer said...

junooni eh? went to the concert?

wheres the hot wife in the list?

on an island? dude ur crazy. humans are social animals. u'll go nuts by urself. heck, just thinking about me is making me frustrated already. lol. mebbe u just need to take a break from people? detox time?

peaceful life? to be at peace? again thats when ur disconnected from the world. but then u start feeling left out. i think thats when they call u crazy. or mebbe a malang? :D

everything stops making sense the minute it starts making sense. thats what i figured last year.

oh, and why figure life? there really is nothign to it, ur just a bunch of elements, going thru the same damn experiences, processes, feelings, whatever have u, then the zillions before u did. same old cycle. how boring.

i stopped with the 'what is the meaning of life' blah last year, coz really, we'll have that sorted out after we're dead. doubt if the prophets ever thought about figuring the meaning of life? thenagain the very concept of having being created to worship sounds a bit .... weird. and narcissist? oh no, am i being blasphemic? :D i should shu'p eh?

lesse when the cycle breaks. until then, just be happy to know that u know ur in a cycle. most never ever even get to figure that.

(dont hate on me, im typing on an empty stomach and a sleep deprived brain! :D )

baptizedlucifer said...

hey u got collision commentary listed. a friend writes there. :)

Destitute Rebel said...

@ opinionated, hehe dont worry I wont be sending any of those e-mails.

@Shaira, ya I checked out the Islands the best ones (cheapest and most practical) are in the philipines. Thanks for the baraka offer, iv put in on download, if it doesnt get through i'll drop you a line.

@Baptised Lucifer, I also write for collision commentary thats why its on my links. No hot wife for some time, maybe later, and yes people have told me that i'll go more crazy on an island not that i'm less crazy now. thats why my yahoo nick is jungleee. But since i'm a rebel now, rebels tend to do crazy stuff.

baptizedlucifer said...

the crazy stuff that rebels do is actually 'sane' :D

MD said...

lol niiice :D ok i'm going to think of a few things myself:

1. successful business
2. black maybach or maybe...some funky-ass colour :P
3. best-seller
4. a good life partner who is more of a best friend than some HUSBAND with societal rules enforced
5. just be happy

they're in no order :P

Enyur said...

Sometimes you can find peace right where you are.

Nice wish list though! I'd love to go to Dubai as beautiful as everyone says it is?

Destitute Rebel said...

@md Nice List, although I dont like the maybach much.

@Enyur, Dubai, if you are comming from india, pakistan, bangladesh and have never been anywhere else, dubai is heaven. Not thats its not beautiful otherwise, but the infrastructure can not support the growth, and I do not like sitting in the car for 4 hours for a 2 hour event.

Bongi-Amma said...

driving around for book signings, LOL!!! Hey inshallah if i dont have to go into hospital on thursday im gonna be driving a red ferrari around silverstone!!! It was a joint present my friends got me for my bday last year and i only just got round to arranging the date, i'll be writing about it late thursday :D

Anonymous said...

meaning of your life is to worship Allah(swt)

Anonymous said...

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