Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tagged Again !

And yet again I have been tagged this time by opinionatedinjerzee . So here are the 8 qualities of the perfect partner. Sorry opinionated, got very busy last few days couldn't get to it earlier.

1. Should be Intelligent: Beauty with brains is what I look for.
2. Should be Pretty: It had to come somewhere.
3. Should be Broadminded: She should be broadminded, be open to new things and ideas.
4. Should be Compatible: Shares my dreams, morals, and values.
5. Should be Energetic and Outdoorsy: She should be energetic and love the outdoors, after all might have to live on a Desolate Island.
6. She should be a good cook: I love to cook myself, and I love to eat, this is a must have quality.
7. Should be well Educated: The perfect partner (if there is ever one) should be well educated and well read. With the ability to think for herself and make decissions.
8. Should be Sensitive and Caring: She should be sensitive and caring to things and people around her.

Cant think of who to tag, so anyone who wants to do this go ahead and let me know.


BBCD said...

i like the think about "well read" thats a very nice quality henna.

Silvs said...

able to think for herself .. I like that :) Most guys say, it, but then can't handle it. They need needy women.

Enyur said...

"...she should be sensitive and caring to things and people around her." I think that's one definite quality that is a MUST in everyone!

Boo! said...

Dude... seems like we are both looking for the same girl. I call dibs!

Destitute Rebel said...

@BBCD, Silvs, Enyur, I feel its is important the there is compatibality and these and other qualitis are I feel important.

@ Boo, you go ahead man, I'll need some more time, afterall need to buy that Island first.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Sensetive and caring as the last point :)

Well, all of the above mentioned 7 points are of no use if the person does not have a good heart. Intelligence and looks without a good heart will be a curse rather than a blessing.

Destitute Rebel said...

very true Shaira

Balushi said...

i want a women who will cook for me and massage me and be my servent!

thats all.

Bongi-Amma said...

i agree with silvs, i find that although men say thats what they like, alot of them can't handle when a girl is confident and knows what she wants. Having said that i know quite a few guys that can handle it, im just talking about the majority of "other" guys around.

Destitute Rebel said...

The Great Baluchi has honored my blog today with his presence, of course I am not a shrink so I won't be able to help you.

Thats very true Boni-amma, I agree with you a 100%.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

said it before will say it again.. Looks spark interest.. if a person is good looking we care to discover the other good points... if they are good looking and then we discover the other points are not there.. then move on... but if the person is not great in the looks department we might never discover that they have all the other 7 qualities.. know what i mean?? hmmmm.. thoughts to ponder on!!

Anonymous said...

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