Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lets Try again UPDATED !!!

Looks like the picture I doctored was too difficult to decipher, so here is the original collage that I made without the charcoal effect. Lets see who can guess all of them now. Last post contest score.
Shaira 6
Khanana 5 1/2
Opinionated 4 1/2

If I still don't get all the names by Mid-Night tonight UAE Time this post will be updated with the names of all the people.

UPDATE: Overall a very good effort by the readers of this blog. But Sadly two very important people were not recognized by anyone. Here is the compelete list.
1. Che Guevera.
2. Florence Nightingale (everyone missed this).
3. Mandela.
4. Martin Luther King.
5. Winston Churchill (everyone missed this).
6. Charie Chaplin.
7. Mother Teressa.
8. Howard Hughes.
9. Sylvia Plath (its a self Portratit).


Bongi-Amma said...

che guevara, nelson mandela, martin luther king, charlie chaplin, ,mother theresa, albert einstein. oh my thats all that i recognise :s

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Ok final one:
1. Che Guevara
2. Emily Bronte
3. Mandela
4. Martin Luther King
5. Hitchcock
6. Chaplin
7. Mother Teresa
8. Howard Hughes? def. not Charles Lindbergh anyway.
9. Can only think of Grace Kelly or a young Marilyn Monroe (norma jean baker). Picture doesn't really say much.
10. Einstein

sidrah said...

che guevara, virginia wolfe, mandela, martin luther king, charli chaplin, mother teresa, einstien, slyvia plath.. and er.. the last two.. maybe brando? the uncle jee in the suit, i can bnot decipher :(

Destitute Rebel said...

OK guys and gals here we go its
1. Che Guevera
2. Florence Nightingale (everyone missed this)
3. Mandela
4. Martin Luther King
5. Winston Churchill (everyone missed this)
6. Charie Chaplin
7. Mother Teressa
8. Howard Hughes
9. Sylvia Plath (its a self Portratit).

opinionatedinjerzee said...

ok, now 5 for me!!

Zak said...

I didn't get Howard Hughes and Sylvia :(

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

My my look what a striking resemblance churchill has to hitchcock, now ain't that something! lol

Cannot believe I missed the Nightingale one, bas Howard Hughes at least... :)

sidrah said...

salaa' churchhill! he brought my score down the little twat!!! ahem, i mean the respectable, charming old man.

hamesha: said...

Uncle jee as Marlon Brando... lol... I'm sorry but that is a distant one by any measure..

sidrah said...

was worth a shot :(

MD said...

plath reminds me of dickinson!

Anonymous said...

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