Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New National Anthem

I have been sent the following modified National Anthem by a well-wisher who thinks that, by adopting this, we will at least take one positive step forward - that of shunning Hypocrisy.

Khayt, Ghar, Zameen - Shaad Baad;
Car behtareen - Shaad Baad;
Paghrian, Vizaaratayn, Makaan,
Koathiyaan, Imaaratayn, Dukaan,
Loot-maar, Chheen - Shaad Baad!

Bayvaqoof loag haen Avaam;
Rah gae Ghulaam kay Ghulaam.
Kürsi, Ohdah, Saltanat,
Paaéndah Taabindah Baad ...
Leadaroañ ki Manzilé Muraad!

Har taraf Sifaarishoañ ka Jaal;
Sarnegooñ Taraqqi-o-Kamaal.
Paak Sarzameen mayñ Halaal
Rishvat aur Dhaandhli ka Maal?
Laa'naté Khudaé Zuljalaal!


Adnan Siddiqi said...

Simply awesome,bitter but true,you should post this anthem on presidentofpakistan.gov.pk

once gain,very well!!

Destitute Rebel said...

Thanks Adnan, Although its not my own work, who ever has put the effort has done good work. It hurts to see that what is written is maily true.

shobz said...

anarchy at its best. hafeez jhalundri must be turning in his grave lol.

Teeth Maestro said...

awesome ;)

Destitute Rebel said...

I wish things would change and we would really be able to belive what our national anthem means

Anonymous said...

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