Saturday, December 17, 2005

National Security

A civilian Aircraft piloted by foreign crew landed at the PAF base insted of QA International airport, How dumb can an air traffic controller be to get an aircraft to land at the wrong airport. And how dumb can the Air Force be to not know that such a big aircraft is landing on thier runway, fortunately it was a commercial jet and not an enemy bomber. But according to the news the air force woke up and cordoned the aircraft after landing. This all happened in broad day light 1 hour before the arrival of a secure flight for the prime minister.

Dawn Reports: "A Boeing 737 landed on Friday at the PAF Faisal Base instead of the Quaid-i-Azam International Airport. Sources said that the Dubai-Karachi flight PK-214 of the Pakistan International Airlines, carrying 142 passengers, landed at the PAF base owing to pilot’s error and negligence of the air traffic controller at the Jinnah terminal.The Boeing 737 was one of the five aircraft recently acquired by the PIA on wet lease from a Turkish company mainly for Haj operation. The aircraft carries the monogram of the Turkish company."

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