Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mysteries of Selfishness

Just a thought, would I, could I have made a lot of money if I had a good lawyer sueing the hell out of the drunk guy who hit me. Here is the senario, the stauate of limitations is over so no point but what do u say lets hear it.

drunk guy and his friend are out having some fun, they find some gays outside a bar and decide they want to harass them, one of them takes a baseball bat to one of the drag queens car and has some more fun, untill the cops decide to get them, well the cops are not that smart and start chasing the dumb drunk guys, the high speed chase ends when the stupid drunk guy breaks a red light and bangs my car doing 90 miles an hour, cops all over the place, its like movie 5 serious injuries one hospital can't handle, lots of ambulances, lots of morphine, ........ its all going black i don't know where i am wake up after 3 days with pipes and wires all over go through 7 surgeries to put some parts right well they can't be put right so the docs do the best they can.....

now here the killer, the dumb drunk guy is not fully insured, hes 23, not wealthy, lawyer advises me to settle for 20,000 $ as there is no point going after the guy.... should i not have listened to the lawyer and done something else... no no no dont tell me now. as I said the statute of limitations is long over.


Anonymous said...

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goodie girl said...

how terrible!