Monday, November 21, 2005

Allama Iqbal - Odeus Part-II (XVI)

The leader is unworthy,
The followers are in disarray,
They march without an aim,
Like an arrow untargeted.

I have searched every recess
In thy seas for pearls,
But have found no trace
Of the pearl of life.

Abandon earthly life,
Absorb thyself in Selfhood,
Waste not thy life—
bloodOn the trifles of the world.

Revealed in these words
Is the secret of life and death;
Love is death with honour,
Life without honour is death.

Rumi has taught me the truth
About wisdom and vision:
The wise man gropes in the dark;
The one who surrenders, wins.

The West’s dazzling wisdom
Has failed to dazzle me;
For the Holy Land’s dust
Has made my eyes immune.

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