Monday, October 31, 2005

Pakistan Still Needs Your Help

While we are about to finish the holy month of Ramazan and are in the process of shopping for the festival of Eid, we should think about our fellow brothers in the earthquake devastated region of Kashmir, who dont have a roof over their head, who dont have food and water to survive, who dont have clothes to keep them warm in the fast aproaching winter of the region. A lot of us have in some way or the other contributed to the cause but a lot more needs to be done. Hundreds are dying daily because of lack of supplies and medical care, because of no place to sleep. In thier hour of need we should all pray for them and help in whatever way we can. May God help us all in our hours of need. Amen.


me said...

there is some updates on the situation in pak earthquake zone by a brother who is currently visiting the area

Anonymous said...

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